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The Gig —

If you are an experienced artist interested in guest-spotting at Screamin' Ink


are looking for a permanent place to tattoo/pierce, please have references + portfolio ready when inquiring

Contact Billy Directly: 201-970-6754

The Crew —

Billy Monroe
Ivan Barbosa
Kat Ackerman
Mike Londono
Victor B
Jeff Chica


The Connect —




"Screamin’ Ink is a tattoo shop with various tattoo artists that can help you get the tattoo you’ve been dreaming of. Not only do they offer tattoos, you can also purchase items such as T-shirts, hats, smoke accessories, beanies, and much more. Screamin’ Ink also offers piercing on different parts of the body."

-Steppin' Out Magazine

"Been going there for 6+ years-Ivan is my artist. May seem pricey but you get what you pay for-extremely clean and always new needles."

-Linda D'Anton

"I was referred to Ivan by a friend who has all of his tattoos done by him. Ivan did my first and only tattoo of the word "Blessed" on my foot. It came out beautifully! The place is immaculately clean and everyone there was hospitable. Since it was my first tattoo, I was a bit nervous but I felt like I was in good hands."

-Nancy Strumwasser

"Great crew works there. Clean place and professional. They do it ALL!"

-BK Diesel

"I have 2 Screamin Ink tattoos, and they look awesome. The artists there are professional and their studio is clean. Not sure what else you would want at a tattoo parlor."

-Nick Gallipoli

"My sisters and I all went here for the first time to get tattoos. The place was very nice and clean and our tattoos came out amazing!! Kathleen did ours and she was so nice and helpful. The owner greeted us when we came in and went over pricing and got us our paperwork, and from there our artist worked with us. Would definitely recommend this place and Kat!!"

-Nicole C


You don’t last over two decades in this business by accident


"Love this place! Love the staff (old & new)! Love the quality! currently working on my second piece with them (8 total) & it has been the best experience. Love the interaction of the artists. Makes for a very comfortable and welcoming environment. Definitely appreciate the flow of ideas that run through this place. Makes it worth the time spent designing a piece. very creative & artistically talented. Darren is my go to guy, even when I'm freaking he's very chill and relaxed lol perfect pair! See you guys in May!"

-Lisa M

"They aren't cheap- but I had to go there because of a crappy cheap tattoo that I had to get covered up... So I learned my lesson, you get what you pay for. Agent did a great cover up. He's also pierced me twice and did a great job with those. The owner kept coming by to check on my tattoo every now and then and he was a cool guy to. I really like everyone there. Just go and spend the extra $100 or so- its completely worth it not to have a bad tattoo/piercing. Trust me!!"

-Danielle C